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Как запомнить незапоминаемое / Remembering things you can't remember

За время учебы запомнила кучу фактов. Некоторые вещи мнемонически, некоторые образно. Попробую собрать не самые стандартные сюда. Вдруг когда-нибудь кому-нибудь пригодится. / Some facts and images for remembering ATPL exams stuff.

What / How to remember

Outer marker color - Blue / "Out of the blue"
Emergency frequencies / 121.5 MHz Civil, multiplying it by 2 we get military one - 243 MHz.
Frequencies / Very Lovely Maidens Have Very Useful Sewing Equipment. We start from the bottom with the shortest wavelength 1mm - 10mm, then each time we add a zero to the end (1-10mm, 1cm-10cm, 10cm-100cm, 1m-10m, etc). With the frequencies we start from the top (3-30, 30-300, 3-30, 30-300, etc.) Easy to get the correct frequency measurement, if you just remember that VHF is in MHz.

Northern hemisphere:
Compass errors in turns / UNOS - undershoot (when turning through) North, overshoot South.
Compass acceleration errors / ANDS - (when you) accelerate (it looks like you turn) North, decelerate South.

Questions on turbines / You see a girl you don't like and 'everything' drops. That's your "reaction". Matches the fact that in Reaction turbines
I. The pressure drops across the nozzle guide vanes.
II. The pressure drops across the rotor blades.
For impulse turbines it also drops but just in the beginning (like first impulse):
I. The pressure drops across the nozzle guide vanes.
II. The pressure remains constant across the rotor blades.

Typhoons are in Chinese sea / try to pronounce typhoon in a Chinese way. ;)
QNH or QFF higher? / Above sea level, if temperature is Higher than ISA, QNH is higher; if temperature is lower than ISA (Froid in French), QFF is higher.

How to tell Plan from Map mode on navigation display / We can "plan" to go north, but we cannot "map" to go north.

Longitudinal separation on take-off and landing / "Land light" - this means that if light aircraft lands after anything else, it is 3 minutes separation. The other option for 3 minutes is something about "mid-point". Everything else is 2 minutes. No idea about "Super". :)

Teardrop entry to the holding pattern is the smallest possible part. It is in tears because of that.

Если вдруг вы знаете еще что-нибудь нестандартное (variation west magnetic best не предлагать), пишите в комментарии. :)
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