Maria Gorbatova (maria_gorbatova) wrote,
Maria Gorbatova

Lampedusa by night

One calm night. Me in an NDB hold at 3000ft, Alitalia descending to 3000ft towards the VOR:

- Alitalia ... what is your estimate to LPD?
- 4 minutes.
- Our estimate to LPD is 3 minutes... Let me request climb... Lampedusa tower, request climb altitude 5000 feet in the hold.
- Rooooger...

- May I see that Alitalia aircraft?
- Sure, there it is. (Very small light quite far away)
- Oh...
- You think I would be this calm if they were closer?

- I have no visual reference to Lampedusa, but may I take a photo of it, please?
- Sure, I have control.
- You have control.

Lampedusa on Google maps.
Tags: avia, italy, malta
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